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PatEvery day clinicians, researchers, government officials, pharmaceutical and biotech executives make decisions about complex scientific issues.  In labs around the world, Principal Investigators try to avoid dead-end research strategies to save precious time and money.  Pharmaceutical executives must “triage” lists of candidate compounds to invest in the most promising drug targets.  Clinicians pursue the promise of personalized medicine to deliver the best outcomes and save lives.   Everyone requires insight and clarity into a broad range of complex scientific, biomedical domains. Implementation of Sophic’s Integrated Knowledge Environment strategy is intended to help decision makers find answers to specific questions with accurate, up-to-date “intelligence” which can often be hard to find and difficult to interpret.

Intelligence” is mined, manually curated and integrated into a powerful search and discovery system. The WIKI style end-user interface provides easy access and delivers visualization of valid scientific relationship networks integrated from disparate sources. Sophic’s unique Integrated Knowledge Environment configurations are constantly evolving and allow our customers to keep pace with the dynamic, often chaotic requirements of complex scientific research, drug development, diagnostics and patient care.  The goal is to have timely access to “intelligence” to answer complex questions correctly, accelerate cancer research, discover biomarkers, support pharmaceutical drug safety and pursue the promise of personalized medicine.

Since 2002, Sophic scientists have used the BioXM™ Knowledge Management System provided by our partner, Biomax Informatics AG, in Munich, Germany to develop agile software solutions.  BioXM provides Sophic scientists with the ability to quickly configure and constantly update domain-specific, user driven data models and ontologies combined with high quality manually curated information. This innovative approach is key to providing decision makers with “intelligence” that helps “connect the dots.”  Sophic continues to improve this agile, rapid development process and we’ve added manually curated Sophic biomarker content and software tools to our Integrated Knowledge Environment.

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