Derived from the Greek word Sophos.

Sophosknowledge or wisdom

Solving the Big Data Dilemma

The constantly growing tsunami of new clinical and life science information stored in disparate databases makes it impossible for clinicians and researchers to keep up-to-date with the knowledge essential to pursue the promises of precision medicine and accelerate research discoveries

Doctors are focused on treating patients and don’t have time to explore databases. They require easy access to evolving genomic information, so they can quickly and efficiently learn the meaning of variants found in patient DNA tests, and the relationships with diseases and drugs.

The war on SARS-CoV-2 presents doctors and researchers with challenges not seen since the 1917 Spanish Flu killed millions around the world.  The evolving COVID-19 variants require constant updates to support vaccine development and patient care.

Sophic’s “LaserandLighthouse

Sophic provides two systems – SDS 360 and AILANI – each designed to expose clinical and life science information at a micro and macro level of visibility. 

Each system provides different users with different use cases with the flexibility to find and learn new knowledge stored in many different sources

Sophic has worked closely with clinicians and researchers to identify reliable databases that contain high quality, reliable, curated information

Sophic’s innovative KnowledgeBase saves users considerable time by integrating information from over a dozen sources providing an evidence-based view of relationships between genomic, disease and drug/treatment information.

The Laser – Sophic Disease Surveillance 360 (SDS 360):

  • Today, Sophic’s disease surveillance system – SDS 360 – is being implemented in the largest hospital system in the world to support genomic medicine and the war on COVID-19.  
  • Over the past ten years, Sophic PhDs, MDs and technology experts have focused on developing and implementing an integrated KnowledgeBase system – Sophic Disease Surveillance 360 – designed to maintain, mine, expose, and report up-to-date information on genomics, diseases (including COVID-19 and Cancer), drugs and treatments.
  • Sophic’s innovations have been recognized and rewarded with competitive funding from NCI Phase I and II SBIR Awards for foundational projects on Disease, genomic, proteomic, and healthcare-related research.

The Lighthouse – Artificial Intelligence LANguage Interface  (AILANI)

AILANI combines semantic modelling, ontologies, linguistics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms. The search results are based on interrelated meanings of facts. Queries can be expressed in natural language, so AILANI recognizes the original intention and puts the results in context.

AILANI integrates a variety of resources: from in-house documents and proprietary libraries to experiments, genetic sequences, chemical structures and clinical data, to any public data resource or newsfeed. It can seamlessly be connected with existing in-house infrastructures to help better leverage the tacit knowledge that is hidden in the data. By integrating these resources – from decades-old data to the latest free-form text news streamsAILANI enables real-time semantic analysis of breaking news with respect to specific customer data and information sources.

Alliance – Sophic – Biomax Innovation Team:

Sophic Alliance Inc. and Biomax Informatics AG have been business partners for 20 years and have collaborated on a wide range of advanced technology, government and commercial science, and health information projects. 

Recently, Sophic has focused on configuring and implementing Sophic’s SDS 360 (Sophic Disease Surveillance) Genomic Medicine Education System for the largest hospital system in the world.  At the same time, Biomax configured their AILANI system to support the European Union PREPARE Project (EU-funded Platform foR European Preparedness Against (Re-) emerging Epidemics) for COVID-19.  Now, these complementary advanced technology systems are available in the US and Europe.