Sophic’s Successes

commercial and government customers

2021 – To Date

The Veterans Administration

SARS-CoV-2 Project – COVID test results across the VA are being collected, analyzed and detailed reports are being returned to physicians who are caring for Veterans.  These test results are also being integrated into a consolidated SARS-CoV-2 database that transmits results to CDC.  Sophic’s SDS 360 system is being configured and deployed to support the VA COVID Project.

2017 – To-Date

The Veterans’ Health Administration

has developed a Genomics Diagnostics (GDx) information system that integrates Veteran genomic test results into a central repository.  Currently, VA lab directors, physicians and genetic counselors have no efficient and accurate way of gaining further insight into genomic test results for patients.  Sophic’s Disease Surveillance System 360 (SDS 360) was configured to demonstrate easy access to important new and evolving information stored in literature and databases related to patient specific genomic information.   Sophic IT and health care experts provided consulting and solution development for this project.  Currently, Sophic is engaged in a field test project for the GDx-Sophic System in anticipation of a VA wide implementation. 



is collaborating with a world-class academic/hospital molecular medicine lab to configure and deliver Sophic Disease Surveillance 360, a cloud-based system that monitors “big data” sources.  SDS 360 exposes, analyzes, and maps gene, disease, and treatment relationships and evidence of correlations.



SCan-MarK Explorer and the Sophic Manually Curated Biomarker Database to a leading cancer pharmaceutical drug development company.


Configured and delivered

a Clinical Studies Report mining, search, and discovery system to analyze their clinical trial study reports.  The CSR module exposes knowledge hidden in complex free text, tables, images, and metadata in core report and appendices.


Manually curated

full text papers to expose disease-specific cancer information to support medical affairs scientists.



a Biosimilars surveillance system to track drug development projects in clinical trials and a bank of scientific databases.


Sophic launched

NCI SBIR-funded Sophic Cancer Biomarker Knowledge Environment, SCan-MarK™ Explorer.  


Sophic won

a NIH/NCI Phase II SBIR $750,000 Award to complete the development of the SBIR Phase I prototype of SCan-MarK Explorer.


Sophic completed

a Phase I SBIR $150,000 Award to design and develop a prototype for a world-wide repository of cancer biomarker information.


Sophic and Biomax completed

the mining and manual curation of The Cancer Gene Index, the first complete compendium of all cancer genes.  The 5-year, $2.4M project entailed mining Medline to identify and manually curate over 6,000 cancer genes.  1.7M manually curated sentences were coded with NCI role codes and evidence codes for each gene/disease and gene/compound-treatment relationship.



Biomax’s BioXM™, BioRS™ and BioLT™ software to NCI’s Center for Cancer Research (CCR) for implementation in six laboratories.