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Gordian Knot

Sophic is a scientific software and consulting services company founded in 1998. Sophic accelerates scientific research and drug discovery by using rapid and agile software development methods to configure specialized Integrated Knowledge Environments (IKE) for constantly evolving, diverse domains including:

  • Cancer biomarker discovery and diagnostics
  • Personalized medicine strategies
  • Drug safety and discovery
  • Synthetic biology
  • Plant science

An Integrated Knowledge Environment is designed to keep pace with the dynamic, often chaotic requirements of complex scientific research. The key to the power and accuracy of IKE is the ability to quickly create and constantly update use-case driven data models that provides access to evolving new knowledge integrated from a range of sources. From one screen, scientists can mine disparate databases and unstructured text sources to find valid scientific and semantic object relationships between elements. These valid scientific relationships are presented to end-users in graphical, intuitive knowledge network maps that are easy to understand, navigate and explore. The goal is to help scientists gain insight and find answers to complex, perplexing questions.

Sophic also provides consulting services to our customers delivered by a team of PhD. Scientists. Services include deployment of advanced automated text mining tools to locate hard-to-find information, manual curation of full text papers, diagnostic and drug target validation, and configuration of a wide range of domain-specific Integrated Knowledge Environments.

Sophic's customers are:

  • Pharmaceutical companies focused on finding new drugs and vaccines.
  • Biotechs developing biomarker diagnostics, synthetic biology and plant science innovations.
  • Cancer centers conducting basic research.
  • Hospitals developing personalized medicine strategic.

Collaborations, with our customers, business partners and the cancer community, is a cornerstone of Sophic’s strategy. Sophic’s growth and profitability are based on the value our software and services provide our customers. Sophic is a value-added-reseller of the BioXM Knowledge Management Suite developed by our long-term business partner, Biomax Informatics AG, Munich, Germany. Sophic-developed software include Sophic Intelligence (patent pending) and our flagship SCan-MarK Explorer (Sophic Cancer Biomarker Knowledge Environment).

Our culture, scientific, technical and business methods and practices reflect a highly motivated, results oriented approach to driving research and finding cures.

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