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Sophic in the News

July 2012
Biomarker Commons: Scan-MarK Explorer V1 Launched tp accelerate Cancer Biomarker Discovery

Bio IT World: Sophic Releases Cancer Biomarker Database

June 2012
SCan-MarK Explorer V1 Launched

October 2010
Sophic to Use $750K NCI Grant to Complete Cancer Biomarker Knowledgebase

September 2010
Sophic Wins $750K in NCI Funding

Finding Promising Protein Biomarkers

December 2008
Drug Discovery News Cancer Biomarker Catalogue

November 2008
Sophic Wins NIH-NCI Phase I SBIR Award

August 2008
Drug Discovery News Leave No Gene Behind

July 2008
BioInform Final Phase Cancer Gene Index

June 2008
Sophic Receives $1.3M NCI Award to Complete the Cancer Gene Index Project

August 2006
Sophic and Biomax First to Achieve NCI caBIG™ Certification As Sophic Adds Software to GSA Contract

April 2006
Biomax Informatics AG releases the BioXM Knowledge Management Environment

November 2005
Sophic and Biomax Win Second NCI Cancer Gene Curation Project

November 2005
Sophic, Biomax and IBM Team to Win Syngenta Global Bioinformatics Data Integration Evaluation

September 2005
Biomax Solutions Changes Name to Sophic Systems Alliance, Inc.

October 2002
Biomax Informatics AG establishes strategic alliance with Biomax Solutions, Inc.; for global sales and support.

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