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Food Security
Global Food Security

The Sophic Intelligence system has been configured to aid in the prediction of global commodity prices for the Washington-based think-tank, the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). Sophic Intelligence produces reports that analyzes daily media coverage to examine the extent to which current expectations regarding food prices, agricultural markets, and food stocks may also impact food prices and increase price volatility. The goal is to combine Sophic Intelligence methods and technology with IFPRI information to improve food policy decisions and help fight world hunger.

Sophic Intelligence is available in the IFPRI Food Media Analysis Portal where users can enter search terms related to topics important to food security in the two query windows. Government officials can select a specific date range, enter local crops of interest such as wheat, corn and rice into one window and terms describing natural disasters in the second window. Sophic Intelligence searches media articles for information related to the specific topics of interest and generates a WIKI report with a color-coded heatmap. The heatmap provides an easy to understand map showing the intensity of terms and phrases found in press articles that influence commodity price volatility and food security. This intelligence snap shot is intended to better inform officials on price volatility for their crops in their country. The goal is to relieve hunger by providing more food at lower prices.

IFPRI Announces Food Security Media Analysis System ::: Sophic IFPRI Press Release

For more information on the Food Media Analysis Portal, please follow this link to IFPRI


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