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The Sophic Alliance Team




The goal in life science is to find cures for diseases. Individuals and organizations who team and collaborate drive progress and accelerate discoveries. The leadership of Sophic, Biomax and Vogel Consulting understand that teaming is vital to success of any life science endeavor. The alliance strategy is intended to leverage the core competencies and cultures created a synergy that allows the delivery of high impact solutions to our customers. Sophic is always interested in discussing adding new complementary companies to the Alliance.




Biomax Informatics AG, headquartered in Munich, Germany was founded in 1997 by three well known scientists with distinguished careers in academic, government and commercial sectors. They built an exceptional scientific software development team that has deep and broad expertise in computer science, biology, chemistry, linguistics, biostatistics and other related scientific areas. Operating in the heart of Germany’s “silicon valley,” Biomax is well known and respected for their innovations in advanced life science technology. Dr. Klaus Heumann is the President and has responsibility for the daily operation of Biomax.

Sophic Alliance Inc., headquartered in Falmouth, MA was founded in 1998. The founder, Pat Blake, is an entrepreneur with almost four decades of management experience in enterprise software, business process reengineering, performance improvement, leadership training, executive assessments and strategic consulting. In 2000, the company expanded from the business software sector into Life Science and in 2002, entered into a strategic alliance with Biomax. Sophic scientists deliver innovative configurations of Biomax Software for pharmaceutical, biotech, plant science, government and academic institutions involved in cancer and other complex disease research.



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