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Agile, Rapid Solution Building

The foundation for building and continuously improving an Integrated Knowledge Environment for any domain is the Biomax BioXM Knowledge Management System.

Sophic uses BioXM to develop and improve SCan-MarK Explorer, Pharma Drug Safety, the Food Security Media Analysis Portal and other domain-specific Integrated Knowledge Environments. Sophic scientists use the power of this rapid and agile development platform to respond to and keep pace with the dynamic requirements that reflect the “chaos” of scientific research, biomarker and drug discovery projects. BioXM is a data-model/ontology-driven platform that provides users with access to evolving “new knowledge” that is continuously integrated and aligned from a range of sources.

Sophic’s configuration of a domain specific Integrated Knowledge Environment provides scientists, executives, and government officials with the capability to mine disparate databases and unstructured text sources simultaneously to find often hard or impossible to discern relationships between valid scientific and semantic objects and elements. These valid scientific and semantic relationships are presented to end-users in intuitive, graphical knowledge network maps that are easy to understand, navigate and explore.

The BioXM three step continuous development process is:

  • Develop a domain-specific data model at a white board and use the BioXM Modeling functionality to create a valid relationship map connecting objects and elements. (fig.1)
  • Load organization or public domain data and text sources and map them to the data model. (fig.2)
  • Use the semantic query builder to provide a suite of end-user queries delivered in an easy-to-use WIKI interface. (fig.3)
BioXM Best Practices Rapid, Agile Development White Paper
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